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/dɒɡ/ noun 1. a domesticated canine mammal, Canis familiaris, occurring in several breeds that show a great variety in size and variety

The welcoming and inquisitive LaPerm has an uncomplicated-treatment coat that arrives in a variety of colors and styles.

Bartonella is a type bacteria which might be transmitted to cats, canine and people from exposure to infected fleas and…

Take a look at our selection of much more than 250 video clips about pet education, animal behavior, Doggy and cat breeds plus much more.

doeth dof doff doffer doffing Pet Doggy and bone Doggy and pony act Pet and pony present Canine ape Doggy biscuit Issues index for Puppy

Slang meaning "unappealing girl" is from 1930s; that of "sexually aggressive male" is from nineteen fifties. Adjectival phrase Doggy-eat-dog attested by 1850s.

Shade(S) mild grey by way of to black, with white shading along with a white mask or cap; also shades of sable or pink with shading, or all white

With these simple dental treatment tips, you may help keep your canine’s lovely smile shiny and healthful for life.

Who hasn’t questioned, “Why does my dog cock her head?” There are plenty of motives your Canine tilts her head. When you should get worried ›

At any time heard that previous pet dogs can’t understand new tips? Or that canines are only definitely pleased jogging off leash?

Speculate which Puppy or cat best suits your Life-style? Our new tool will slim down greater than three hundred breeds for you.

Phrase place on the Puppy "get dressed up" (1934) may perhaps seem again for the rigid stand-up shirt collars that during the 1890s were being the height of male vogue (and were often known as dog-collars no less than from 1883), with reference to collars worn by dogs.

Telling men and women their Animals have cancer might be the worst Component of my job. Unfortunately, I have to do it with some regularity. 

24. direct a dog's lifetime, to have an unsatisfied or harassed existence: He complains that he led a Pet dog's lifestyle in the military.

Want to present your pup yummy, low-calorie treats? We’ve received the skinny on which foods are Okay to feed him.

twenty five. let sleeping canines lie, to refrain from motion that may change an existing circumstance for dread of producing greater difficulties or complexities.

In fact, Whilst he works right here while in the outdated city, he life in The brand new part of the city exactly where he walks his Puppy

Deciding on Pet dog breeds based on your Way of life is An important issue when adopting check here a Dog. Perspective our complete dog breed profiles to obtain a much better idea of expected temperament, character, care and physical exercise demands. We advocate our BreedMatch Resource that can help slender down your preferred Pet breeds.

Unsure about food puzzles? Our veterinarian reveals why the payoff for your dog is properly value any more get the job done.

The parasites and health conditions that Animals will get are downright terrifying. After i give thought to what it would be like to be covered in fleas... Find out more ›

(also Canine about, dog on)To pester; taunt; bug, hassle: You were being absolutely doggin' him about his hair/ My roommate was dogging on me for applying up her shampoo/ During the verbal dueling with the speeded-up poetry, he won't Chunk rhymes and he isn't going to get dogged or dissed (1970s+ Military) To conduct properly; defeat an adversary: I dogged him at racquetball, however (1980s+ Students) Similar Phrases

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